The most remote Glamping Lodge in
the Mountains of Haputale,
Sri Lanka.. A Nature Lover’s Muse surrounded
by Simplicity & Rustic Charm

“Are you looking to loose yourself to the Tranquility of the Mountain Forests and endless Sky’s with No One around you interrupting your Private Moments?”


A totally Immersive and Unique Experience – blending in with Mother Nature is waiting for You.

Sometimes Simple and Amazing moments turn into Extraordinary Ones…

…let’s be Humble enough to see and Share them!

Here you have the chance to Reconnect with the Nature in total Privacy as we

 take Only One Booking at a time.


Sometimes, you find Yourself in the Middle of NoWhere,
and Sometimes, in the Middle of NoWhere you will Find Yourself

Video Credits Harith

Getting Here

After parking your car Near to Haputale, you will be picked up and driven to the Drop off Point by a Safari jeep from Haputale Mountain Tours passing through tea plantations, remote villages and Extremely bumpy roads to the nearest village to Us…

You will then have to hike through a Mountain Forest for 1.8 Km with your own luggage Guided by 

one of our Crew.


The Lodge has been blended into the Ruins of an old Tea plantation line house.

The Lounge area also Known as “The Fire Place” is the place to
Chill even in the Day time and there is plenty of Space for 

You to Relax around the Lodge. 


Enjoy the comfortable Coziness of our Connectors –

 Glass Sleeping Pods..

They are fully equipped with Mattresses, bed sheets, Pillows,Blankets and
sleeping bags.

You can fall asleep Watching the Night Sky and hearing the Night time
Musical of the Wildlife…

They are build to Sleep in the Nights and Not during the Day…

.. it gets Extremely Hot during the day if the Sun is Out..

Toilets and Cold water showers are less than a minute a way from the sleeping pods which are

 Open to a View.



Indulge yourself in Delicious Food cooked solely on Fire Wood collected 

from the surrounding forests

 by the Crew…

..All dishes are Signature dishes of Anke & Naveen which they have been Serving for the

 last few Years..

..You will taste the German-Sri Lankan Connection in all our Food.

frying on the pan


There are plenty of Trekking options available On-site: the most
popular one being the 4Km trek to a river filled with Natural Pools and Waterfalls..

Don’t forget, if you are not into Adventurous trekking, we have plenty of Cozy Places to spend the Day..



Suddenly there are Just Frames Open To The World around you

You Feel the Peace…

You Feel the Freedom….

You Feel Connected with the Natural World !!

Looking through the Glass Less Windows…
..Step Outside
Letting the scenery of Cloudy Mountains…
..Move right in to your Heart & Soul

Just total Freedom…interconnected with Nature
A Simple and Rustic setting…
..Off the grid and Without Electricity
Get back to Nature and Experience the real Wilderness, 

real Conservation, real Downtime and real Peace !!

Trekking through cloudy mountains,
Dipping in natural pools and stargazing by the campfire
are only a few experiences that will make your stay at The Cliff Lodge unforgettable…

What our Adventurous guests often say

Paradise amongst the clouds!
The relaxed and joyous vibe of the Cliff Lodge is contagious and I guarantee you will walk away with a smile on your face, feeling calm and inspired. Thank you so much Anka and Naveen for your peaceful service
A weekend in heaven
The journey there was a fabulous adventure in itself. The hosts (Naveen and Anke) and the staff (Kuti and Mahesh) treated us like family, and honestly delivered a level of service I have not found in many other places in the world, let alone in Sri Lanka.
One of a kind, amazing camping experience in Sri Lanka
Disconnected from the world, on top of a cliff and surrounded by nature and absolutely delicious food adds up the best ever travel experience I've ever had. I'd definitely visit here again.

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