Terms & Conditions

The Cliff Lodge


Please arrive at the pre arranged parking location at 1pm. You will arrive at the lodge between 3.30pm and 4pm. Checkout is 10am from the lodge and we wish you a safe journey home no later than 10.30am.


Part of our philosophy is to keep the surroundings as wild as possible. You will have to hike 2km with your own luggage to the Lodge from the drop point and back. There are few streams to cross and please be aware that the trek can be slippery and full of natural hazards. Guests are to follow instructions of the guide/staff at all times as they know the forest best. Bathing in rivers/water streams are at your own risk. Be mindful that water levels can rise within seconds. No alcoholic beverages are permitted on hikes and treks and we do not allow guests to go on hikes under the influence of alcohol. If any guest decide to turn back after starting a hike /trek on the second day, the whole group will have to return. Do not litter while on hikes/treks.


In order to make the stay at The Cliff Lodge as pleasant as possible for everyone, all guests must keep to the rules of behaviour listed here, behaving in a considerate and safe manner to all people and Nature including wildlife.

  • To respect the nature, wildlife and surrounding villages, we ask you to keep the volume down especially when using portable speakers. We do not allow amplified music or drumming.
  • Fire-bowl must be kept within the designated areas only. Fire place will only be lit up in the evening from 7pm -10pm. Please do not collect any wood from the surrounding areas for burning.
  • Fireworks, sky lanterns and laser lights are not allowed as they can harm the nature, wildlife and disturb the villages on the opposite mountains.
  • Keep to footpaths when exploring the surroundings and follow instructions of the guide/staff.
  • Leave no trace on the land. Please take back all polythene wrappings, plastic bottles and glass bottles when leaving the lodge and dispose responsibly.
  • We do not tolerate any kind of verbal abuse, bullying and aggressive behaviour towards our staff or the crew members. If such a situation arises, we will kindly ask the group to leave the lodge immediately.


This bit is REALLY important. We want you to have a good time (so we are not going to try and put you off coming!) however we want to ensure if you do come it is with realistic expectations and you are prepared. This will ensure that you don’t arrive and get disappointed at the lodge and you spend your money on experiences more suited to your tastes. Please be aware that whilst “glamping” is posh camping, it is still camping, which means it is not a hotel, you are outside, close to nature. You won’t find WiFi up here but we promise you’ll find a better connection with Nature. There’s no electricity at all at the Lodge. If you really need your electronic gadgets, it is advisable to bring enough power banks needed for your stay.We’re not a proper resort by a long shot, we’re just connecting people to the simple pleasure of simpler times. It’s the way we like it and it’s not for everyone. We do not recommend our experience / lodge for pregnant women and those with pre-existing health issues.


Any damage or breakages which may occur must be paid for. Small accidental damages or breakages of a minor nature will not normally be charged but you are required to report all breakage and damage to the owners at the time or before you leave the Lodge. 


In extreme weather The Cliff Lodge reserves the right to close the venue. No refund will be given if the Lodge is unable to open due to extreme weather and if we feel the Lodge has become unsafe but alternative dates will be offered for your payment to be set against. 


The Cliff Lodge does not recommend the experience for kids under the age of 16 years. This is due to the remote and hazardous location. If the parents or the guardians take responsibility The Cliff Lodge will be happy to accommodate kids below the age of 16 years. You must always make sure your children are not left unattended. 


We do not sell alcoholic beverages. Keep the alcohol consumption to a minimum as it can be extremely dangerous due to the remote, hazardous location and the wildlife around. Consumption of alcoholic beverages are only permitted in the lodge area. We would like all our guests to respect the surrounding nature and wildlife by not littering around and keeping the noise level down. 

As we are located on a remote and hazardous cliff top, we ask our guests to be mindful of the surroundings and be responsible at all time. The nearest medical facility is about 4 hours away from the lodge.


Smoking is not permitted inside the Pods under any circumstances. Smoking outdoors and in common areas are permitted but please collect any cigarette butts and dispose of them appropriately


Dogs are allowed at The Cliff Lodge. Dogs must be kept close by when outside and under no circumstances be allowed to chase wild animals. Please don’t leave your dog unattended at any point and pick up after it.   


The person booking, when booking on behalf of other people, is responsible for disseminating the appropriate information to those persons that we send them. For example, these Terms and Conditions and the itinerary to ensure they are fully aware of the nature of the Lodge including meals, health and safety risks, the facilities, appropriate clothing and footwear they require and that they need to wear. 


Do not leave any polythene wrappers, plastic bottles and glass bottles behind during your excursions in to the wild. When leaving the lodge, please take them back with you and dispose accordingly as we do not have recycling facilities.


The following is a legal statement of the terms and conditions to be adhered to in the event of cancellation by the guest, as well as damage of property, injury or death.

The Cliff Lodge (Pvt) Ltd will accept no liability to pay compensation to you for any failure to properly fulfil the contract, where the failure is attributable to you. For example; should any member of your party be unable to travel for reasons such as failing to take his/her passport with him / her, or traveling on a passport which does not meet the requirements of entry into Sri Lanka, or to get a required tourist / entry visa.

The Cliff Lodge assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage of property or for injury, illness or death, for any damages or claims however so caused arising directly or indirectly from war, riot violence, industrial dispute, contact with wild animals, actions of governments or other state bodies, unavoidable technical problems with transport, machinery or equipment, delays, natural disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions / floods, accidents from the time of pick up to the experience at The Cliff Lodge to the drop off at the Parking Facility near to Haputale, or Acts of God. 


To secure your required booking dates, a non-refundable deposit of Rs.50,000 or € 150 of your booking is taken.This amount goes towards the total amount due for your stay, which is due 4 weeks before your booking date. For bookings made less than 4 weeks in advance, the full amount is payable at time of booking. Your booking is not confirmed until the booking deposit is received in cleared funds. Acceptance of these terms and conditions is automatically assumed so we recommend you read them carefully before payment of the deposit. If this is not paid by the due date we reserve the right to release your accommodation back into general sale. 


Payments for bookings are non-refundable under any circumstances. If it becomes necessary for you to cancel your booking tell us immediately. Then we will, without prejudice to our right to full payment, take reasonable steps to resell. If we manage to resell we will refund your money. Whilst every effort will be made to avoid them, booking errors made by The Cliff Lodge will not in any circumstances be compensated for unless there is less than 4 weeks until the date of your stay.


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